Beauty blog: The main beauty trends of Autumn – Winter 2021

The main beauty trends of Autumn – Winter 2021

Autumn is here, which means we need to revise wardrobe, makeup, and possibly even hair colour. What will be in trend this season, and to what trends we should say goodbye to? CVmatograph has prepared a beauty trends guide for you.

Hair Colour

In this cold season, the passion for blond colour, which has been with us for a long time, has finally loosen its grips. The long-awaited variety of shades and coming back of long-forgotten colour schemes are on the agenda.

Tending techniques of hair dyeing - ombre and sombre are quite similar. Stylish ombre is a nice smooth transition from one shade to another, that creates a beautiful gradient effect.

Balayage gives volume and makes hairs more luxuriant. This method of dyeing has a rejuvenating effect, perfectly masking grey strands or hair roots.

Stylists offer a new take in colouring trends. Pastel colours become richer and more varied. Soft lavender and rose gold are still popular, but now they are complemented by unusual pastel blond and grey shades.


Discover a non-classical side of well-known French manicure, that requires a creative approach this season.

The shade of milk chocolate is the absolute favourite. This trend will appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

The gold scattering on nails will look perfect in both - casual and New Year's manicure. We think this trend is very universal.

The orange-coated manicure has become a hit of autumn/ winter runway shows. Particular attention should be paid to the soft shades of orange – they are the middle between its usual and pastel variations.

In the coming season, a punk mood will reign the manicure trends, so the advice here is to stock up on black varnish, and not to be afraid of short nails.


If you like focusing on your eyes, it's time to master the eyeliner. Newbie options include a cat's eye and a neat line that extends the upper eyelid.  Most advanced eyeliner’s users can try do draw a line till the temples, or a triple line decorated with rhinestones or sparkles.

Eyebrows are matching the hair colour. The trend for natural eyebrows is at its peak. To make the eyebrows more distinguished just comb them up. Blond ladies may not worry about colouring at all this season, or even try to lighten the eyebrows shade, so that their tone matches the hair colour.

Red lips. Matte and ultra-gloss, tints and lipsticks with a velvet finish - you create the rules. All shades of red, orange, plum and raspberry are more relevant than ever.

Another of the leading trends is Raw Beauty. Raw beauty makeup means using a minimum number of products.

11 Nov 2020
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