7 tips for a beauty master. Why do your customers choose you?

If you are chosen only because of the low prices, then this is not a good way, because there is always a master who will have a lower price, and in this case, you have no competitive advantage. In this article, we write about what a beauty master should pay attention to succeed.

Nowadays, the beauty industry is developing rapidly, which is why competition among masters is growing. Let's consider several options for making customers to come back to you again and again.

1) Be unique

Your personality will help you stand out from the crowd. Think about what makes you different and enhance this side: maybe you work in a unique “know how” technique, or you are an award winner in beauty championships, or maybe you were trained by eminent professionals? Find your own uniqueness and focus on it.

2) The workplace is a business card of the master

Your workplace is very important because it reflects your image in the eyes of the customer. If you are a newbie master and work at home, then it is important that your space is sterile and creates an atmosphere of professionalism: there should be no mess, no extraneous sounds, e.i a washing machine sound, etc.

3) Small details play a big role

For customers, aesthetics and a visual part are very important. If you are a manicure master, then you can put beautiful cups for rings, add nice small details to enhance the working place. If you are an eyelashes master, then prepare nice towels, use quality eye makeup remover with a nice fragrance, etc. Make customer felt relax before the procedure begins. 

4) Use quality materials

The quality of materials affects the reputation of the master. Low-quality materials can cause allergies and be harmful. No wonder if after the usage of low-quality items, a reputation of a master will be ruined. Word of mouth has a lot of power. Besides, you will lose a customer as well, which brings us to the next point.

5) One old customer is better than two new ones

It is the regular customers who bring you the biggest part of profit! Thus, develop in your profession, provide the highest service, be thoughtful about the quality of materials, and customers will come back to you.

6)Take care of your health and the health of your customers

It is important for the client to see the sterilization process, to know how you disinfect the surface, your hands, your tools, etc. Besides, you, as a master, should take good care of your customer and yourself.

Use armrests and orthopaedic chairs, be sure to use a mask and glasses when working with a client, serve drinks in closed mugs so that sawdust from work does not get into the drink.

7) Be benevolent and professional

Under no circumstances should you discuss other masters and customers with your client! It certainly won't show you from the best side. Be polite and benevolent, try to keep the conversation going and be interested in the client, but at the same time keep it professional, and do not forget it is a business relationship.

Do you think these tips are common? Check yourself if you are you doing everything? If not, try to follow this advises, and you won’t be disappointed.

20 Jan 2021
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