Ozone therapy for the face: what is it and how it works.

Ozone therapy is a cosmetic procedure aimed for eliminating skin defects and for improving general condition on the skin. The procedure has a lot of positive reviews and proven high efficiency.

The essence of the technique is the effect of ozone on the human body. When the ozone gets under the skin, it increases a metabolic process and the production of sebum, improving water and lipid metabolism.

Benefits of the procedure

General improvement for the whole system

High efficiency of the procedure

Fast result (visible after 2-3 sessions)

Short rehabilitation period


Injection marks (invasiveness); The high cost of a course of therapy; Complications that may develop; Long treatment period; Soreness during the injection; The need for repeated courses of treatment; The treatment is not suitable for every patient.

Indications for the use of the ozone for the face

The procedure has a wide range of applications and is prescribed for various skin conditions.

Indications for ozone therapy:

Acne; Demodicosis; Age spots; Rosacea; Mimic wrinkles; Puffed eyes, Puffiness; Double chin; Increased skin oiliness, Enlarged pores; Uneven skin tone; Scars; Post-acne; Dry skin, Dermatitis and other allergic skin diseases; Decreased elasticity, Sagging, Flabbiness.

It should be kept in mind that for patients over 45 years old, the procedure is ineffective and requires complex treatment.


Ozone therapy has some limitations:

Myocardial infarction (acute stage); Alcohol intoxication, accompanied by psychosis; Convulsions; Pancreatitis (acute form); Thrombocytopenia; Thyrotoxicosis; Chronic low blood pressure; Low blood glucose; Internal bleeding; Increased sensitivity to ozone; Low blood calcium levels.

How Ozone works

Ozone treatment is carried out for various defects and disorders on the face skin. The procedure has shown very high efficiency against acne and for the skin rejuvenation. When exposed to the skin, ozone leads to an improvement in metabolism, helps to restore blood microcirculation and increases the functions responsible for transporting oxygen.

In the case of acne, the hormonal background is normalized. Thanks to this action, after the first session, severity of the acne is reduced. Processes are activated after the treatment gradually dissolve the formations.

The lipolytic action of ozone leads to the elimination of inflammation and sebum.

For rejuvenation, when the agent is injected under the skin, metabolic processes are triggered, which cause an increased production of collagen and improvement of blood supply functions. Thanks to this action, mimic and other small wrinkles are eliminated, the chin is tightened, and the tone of the face increases. The structure of the skin is also improved, the complexion is restor

According to many patients, after completing the full course of treatment, the results are achieved and persist for a long time. For a full course of therapy, you need to go through 6 to 10 sessions. If necessary, or in more difficult cases, the treatment can be extended up to 15-20 procedures. In this case, the break between sessions should be 1-4 days. The first pronounced results can be seen already 3-4 sessions.

Types of procedures

Ozone therapy is divided into several basic techniques. At the moment, there are 4 methods available. Method choice is based on disorders, patient's age and other physiological characteristics. 

Recovery period

If the procedure is performed correctly, the rehabilitation period takes no more than 2-3 days. If the rules for conducting therapy are violated, the recovery period may be delayed, since complications and consequences will have to be additionally eliminated. In some cases, if the session is performed incorrectly, the result may be absent altogether, therefore it is recommended to carry out procedures only in verified and certified cosmetology clinic.

Precautions and Recommendations

During the recovery period, some guidelines must be followed to speed up the healing process and to avoid complications.

It is recommended to sleep on your back. Do not touch or press on your face. Avoid washing your face with aggressive cosmetics. It is forbidden to use decorative cosmetics. Do not do other cosmetic procedures. Excessive physical activity should be avoided. Do not take baths, visit saunas, solariums, swimming pools. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. You should not expose the body to too low or too high temperatures.

These measures must be given by the specialist who performed the procedures.

Important!  Before having the ozone therapy, it is necessary to consult with a doctor and specialists.

07 Feb 2021
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