What is a facial massage. Types of facial massages and their benefits

Facial massage is an important step in daily care that will help improve a blood circulation, restore smoothness and a healthy glow to the skin. The condition of the epidermis and the tone of muscle tissue depend on tactile manipulations: the more correct the technique of performing the massage, the better the result will be.

These simple steps will help to prolong the youthfulness of the skin, make it more resistant to environmental factors and save money.

Types of the facial massage



It is performed with stroking movements and light rubbing. For this type of massage, usually a cream, a massage oil, or a high-quality olive oil are used. Classical of massage is good
 for dehydrated skin, skin with wrinkles, and in cases when facial muscles have lost their tone. It is recommended as part of a rejuvenating treatment for “tired” skin at different ages.

Jacquet pinching

It is carried out with a talcum powder covered skin. In addition to common benefits, this type of massage is recommended for those who have issues, such as seborrhoea, scars, post-acne, comedones, excessive sebum secretion, as well as for the treatment of acne. The duration of the session depends on the thickness of the skin: the thinner it is, the shorter the massage session should be. It is performed by deep pinching, kneading, stroking, vibration. At the first sign of skin redness, the session has to be terminated.

Lymphatic drainage

This type of the massage that has a positive effect not only on the facial skin, but also on the entire body. For its implementation, only natural berries and fruit oils are used. They contain plant oligo proteins and hydroxy acids, which intensively nourish and moisturize every cell of the epidermis. Lymphatic drainage massage helps to get rid of dark circles under the eyes and puffiness, helps to tone the muscles and facial skin, eliminates lethargy, restores firmness and elasticity.

Sculptural facelift

The sculptural massage technique is a unique opportunity to return youth features to the face without a surgery. The specialist “sculpts” the patient's face, correcting all problem areas, creating perfect lines. Sculptural massage is performed on the neck, décolleté area and involves all muscle groups of the face, especially the mimic ones.

Cupping massage

Thanks to this massage technique, the face will look younger. Moreover, it is not only a visual effect is obtained - this is a real rejuvenation of the muscles and skin of the face,

Cupping (vacuum) massage relaxes the spasmodic muscles of the face and improves a lymph flow.

It reduces the double chin appearance, provide a slight lifting effect, and help to cope with facial swelling. Also, by enhancing the blood circulation, the massage helps to refresh the skin tone, makes it more even.

All the types of the facial massages improve the penetration of cosmetics ingredients into the skin.

Some big cosmetics brands advise to combine their lifting products with the facial massage.

14 Feb 2021
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