How to use acrylic powder: tips for professionals

Powder, which consists of the smallest particles of acrylic, is not a new material in the beauty industry. Nail masters began to use it in the middle of the 20th century. However, despite the regular appearance of new products, acrylic does not lose its position. Every year new areas of use are found for it. And, most likely, its potential has not yet been exhausted.

What is this material

Acrylic powder is a safe polymer powder that is used to heal nails, as well as to form the desired length and shape of the nail plate.

The polymer structure fills in cracks in the nails, preventing chipping, breakage, and delamination. Plus, if you want to extend the longevity of your clients' manicure, apply acrylic first. The composition of the powder is completely polymeric. It works in such a way that the molecules bind to each other and form perfectly round, hardened droplets in the form of a powder. Thanks to this effect, the powder completely envelops each plate.

What is it used for?

Extension of nails

This is the most obvious way to use acrylic powder, for which it was originally created. You can build up with the acrylic powder on paper forms and tips. Each of the technologies has its own advantages and features, but the architecture of the nails is the same as for gel extension. Compared to it, acrylic is harder, so it is a little more difficult to grind down. But acrylic nails are worn “better” due to the greater strength. They, just like gel, can be coated with regular varnish and gel varnish. And the cost of materials of acrylic powder is several times less than the cost of the same amount of solid construction gels.

Acrylic for strengthening nails

Acrylic powder is widely used to create a strengthening layer on the nails. Due to the low price of powder, the cost of such strengthening is low, while the price for the customer will correspond to the market price for similar works. Therefore, the master will be able to significantly increase his income.

Different brands produce special systems of materials for acrylic nail strengthening. Their price is rather big. But in fact, you can achieve the same result using inexpensive powder and gel (base or single phase). Just try it and the result will amaze you.

Acrylic nail decoration

This is a kind of lifesaver for those who want to enhance their designs, but do not yet can buy a large collection of all kinds of materials for decorating nails. With powder’s help, you can get very interesting volumetric textures. Moreover, you are not limited in colour choice: transparent powder takes on the colour of the main material. Therefore, compositions using this technique are very interesting, and sometimes unexpected.

This technique allows to work with coloured powders, creating the effect of a smooth transition of shades (gradient) or a combination of individual multi-coloured elements.

The main thing in this technology is to sprinkle the powder on the material with a sticky layer. The dispersion that appears during the polymerization process will "stick" the acrylic grains to the surface even more. It's clear that such designs are not afraid of water or mechanical stress.

How to use

The instructions for using acrylic powder by the example of strengthening nails:

Prepare nails by buffing them slightly. Wipe each nail with rubbing alcohol or a degreaser.

Apply a gel coat to each nail.

Dip the nails into acrylic powder before drying. Shake off excess powder.

Dry the layer under the lamp for 20-30 seconds.

Remove excess powder with a special brush and gently smooth thick edges.

Then you can repeat the layer of acrylic powder and all the steps.

Then apply a gel coat and dry it under the lamp.

Apply the topcoat gel polish and get your manicure done.

After strengthening the nails, any trendy manicure can be performed on the nails.

22 Feb 2021
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