Beauty blog: Eyelash extension: the procedure and the correction

Eyelash extension: the procedure and the correction

The procedure

The skin around eyes gets cleanse of makeup. Eyelashes are wiped with a degreasing solution. The upper eyelashes are separated from the lower eyelashes by using special stickers patches. With tweezers, the base of each artificial hair is dipped in special glue and fixed on the natural eyelash at the line of its growth. If necessary, the master removes excess glue from the eyelashes.

How long does eyelash extension take?

The time of eyelash extension depends of a technique used, of a material, experience of the master and of a type of extension: Bunch extension - takes up to half an hour. One to one extension takes 1.5-2.5 hours.

The duration depends also:

Of the glue used. Thick resin adhesives can dry up to 5 minutes, while synthetic polymers take 30-90 seconds;

Density of natural eyelashes. Extension on thick lashes will take longer;

Full or incomplete extension - the extension of corners will be 2 times faster than a full one;

Rows: one or two rows - the more volume you need to add to the lashes, the more hairs you need to attach, and more time will be spent.

How long does the eyelash extension last?

The extended eyelashes are attached to the natural ones, so when the natural one falls out, the extended one also will be lost. Life of the eyelash extensions also depends on:

Speed of natural eyelash renewal. Eyelashes are completely renewed in 3-6 months.

Strength of the glue and adherence technology - extension adhesives give fixation from 1 to 3 months.

Thickness and length of artificial eyelashes - the thicker, longer and heavier the eyelashes - the faster they will provoke the loss of the natural hair to which they are attached.

Compliance with a guidance for care. The effect of the extension can last up to 1.5-2 months, but after 2-3 weeks a correction should be done.


The correction is needed to replenish the eyelashes that fell out with the client's natural hairs. In 2-3 weeks after the extension, up to 40-50% of eyelashes are lost, so you will need to correct them. Correction (corrections) is carried out as follows:

Master clarifies whether the eyelashes of the length and thickness that were originally extended are comfortable for a customer. If not, other materials are selected (glues, lighter and thinner hairs);

The upper eyelashes are separated from the lower ones and carefully combed out. This allows to fall out those lashes, that should fall out anyway in the next 2-3 days;

The eyelashes are degreased with a special solution;

New eyelashes are being attached to the regrown hairs with a glue;

If necessary, the master removes excess glue from the eyelashes, comb them and gives them the desired shape.

15 Nov 2020
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