Men's manicure

“I just cut off my nails and I am good,” many men would say. Such men do not even think about doing a man's manicure. They do not care. And this indifference spreads into many spheres of life. How to persuade your loved one to take care of themselves? We have prepared some compelling arguments.

The main reasons for a regular manicure and pedicure for men:


Everyone knows that a huge of various bacteria accumulates under the nails. And burrs that you just want to peel off lead to a wound, into which any infection can get.

With the regular manicure, when the nails are always neatly filed and the cuticle is removed, the hands are protected from pathogenic bacteria.


In addition to the fact that well-groomed nails and hands just look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they still tell a lot about your status, habits and lifestyle. For example, at an interview for a high position in a large company, everyone will pay attention not only to a suit and haircut, but also to your manicure.


For a huge number of women, beautiful male arms are very attractive. In addition, there is also a subtle intimate moment regarding the need to keep your hands in a healthy hygienic condition.


Men's manicure and pedicure are very simple and quick procedures that take a minimum of time, unlike women’s manicure. And due to the fact that men's nails and skin have a denser structure, the procedure should be carried out less often than women.


It's the XXI century after all! Going to a manicure and pedicure is more than normal. Nobody will look oddly at you! And more than ever, barbershops have become more popular, where all services can be provided by narrow-profile specialists.

The procedure of male’s manicure

The procedure begins with applying a gel (sterilizes the hands), and then - a foam (softener for hands). It is very gentle and done instead of a bath soaking. After the foam is washed off the hands, the master proceeds to cut off the excess length of the nail, files the shape the nails. Then, depending on the condition of the nails and a cuticula, the master selects individual devices for the manicure apparatus. After processing the nail, the master treats the nails with oil: it penetrates deeply into the skin and moisturizes the cuticle well. The last step is the application of a hand cream.

10 Mar 2021
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