Do not do it with your hair: TOP-5 mistakes

Beautiful and healthy hair require a proper care, but very often our efforts turn against us. To prevent common mistakes, we studied the selection of bad habits that are capable of void out all your care efforts.

 Shampooing your hair wrong?

Comb your hair before washing. Do not wash tangled hair with shampoo, otherwise you are risking damaging the structure of locks. This also will allow you hair to remain neat after.

Be sure to check the temperature of the water before putting your head under the stream. Hot water can significantly damage the scalp. Determining the correct temperature is easy; it should be slightly warmer than the room temperature.

Wash your hair right. Rub a small amount of the shampoo in palms, then massage it into the roots using gentle massage movements. Please note that the shampoo is applied to the scalp first, and only then to the entire length of the hair. Do not pour too much product, otherwise it will be difficult to rinse it off.

After washing your hair, wrap your hair in a soft towel. You do not need to wipe your hair with it, otherwise you will damage its structure and provoke the appearance of split ends.

Do not to sleep with wet hair

Wet hair is weak. The longer you have them wet, the more defenceless they become. Experts do not recommend sleeping with wet hair: if wet strands start rubbing against the surface of the pillow, they can be damaged.

Improper care for coloured hair

Forget about the usual shampoos and conditioners if you have coloured hair! Use product designed for colour-treated hair to prevent the pigment from washing out. Try to choose products from one brand, this is the way to provide your hair with the complete care. And it is very important to select them based on the condition of your hair. After dyeing, hairs are often dry, so buy moisturizing products.

Incorrect hair drying process

This procedure is also part of hygienic hair care and, like washing, is part of measures necessary for the cleanliness and health of the hair. At the same time, there are a lot of arguing about drying issues. It is good to dry hair naturally, but you should not walk with a wet head under the sun. If using a hairdryer, dry at low temperatures. Also, it is better to use special protective equipment. Try to use your hair dryer and hair straighteners as little as possible.

Do not do a tight tail

Why? The tight bundle interferes with blood circulation in the scalp, which means that the hair is not getting the micronutrients needed to function properly. As a result, this will lead to the fact that the strands will become flaccid, brittle and begin to fall out.

12 Mar 2021
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