Natural oils for your beauty

In this article we are talking about natural oils. We have selected 10 of the most effective oils to use for the beauty.

Range of application

Due to their unique properties, natural oils have a wide range of applications. For example, almost any oil can be safely used as a mask (in combination with other ingredients) or as a cream and a makeup base. Many use oils as a cleansing lotion.

If in a face cream you will add a few drops of oil, this will have a positive effect on the condition of your skin. If you add a little to your daily lotion or gel, you get a unique product for cleansing the dermis.

Cosmetologists also recommend making face creams at home, using natural oils.

And yet, even that oils have a wide spectrum of action, why cannot the use of one of them provide comprehensive care for the face skin? We all know that facial skin is quite a delicate and demanding, and that the care for it should be comprehensive and regular. Since the skin contains water, peptides, and fatty acids, it also needs to get them from the outside. And, as you know, oils are not able to enrich the skin with fruit acids, water-soluble vitamins, and microelements.

Most oils are quite greasy in consistency. They shouldn’t be used in large quantities for a long time, because the skin needs to rest, and oils can cause dullness of the upper layer of the dermis and the appearance of acne

Choosing the oil

For the face care:

Almond oil. It is very useful for the skin - it cares, moisturizes, nourishes, relieves irritation, prolongs youth, gives elasticity.

Grape seed oil. Nourishes, tones, moisturizes. Especially useful for mature and aging skin.

Wheat germ oil. It is great for the skin care, especially indicated for the dry skin. It has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties, can be used for sunburn and cracked skin.

For the body care:

Jojoba. Gives the skin smoothness and elasticity, softens.

Peach seed oil. Moisturizes and tightens the skin, allows to maintain elasticity.

Rose oil. Promotes skin renewal, rejuvenation, and restoration.

For the hair care:

Olive oil. It nourishes the skin and hair structure and helps prevent split ends.

Burdock oil. Strengthens the hair roots, nourishes the hair skin, prevents hair loss, improves growth, and helps to get rid of dandruff.

Castor oil. Strengthens the roots, promotes growth. Nourishes and moisturizes the structure, gives shine.

By the way, we did not mention another advantage of the natural oils: they are very affordable.

19 Mar 2021
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