How to take care of curly hair

We often want to curl our straight hair, and to straighten them if they are curly. Today we will focus on the curly hair. How to care for your curls to look luxurious? Read about it in our new article.

The root of the problem

Curly hair is porous, that is why they tend to unevenly adjoin to each other. Because of this, hair is frizzy, often breaks and is prone to dryness. Just moisturizing and nourishing is not always enough, as it is necessary that all the ingredients penetrates the hair structure. Therefore, there are several important rules for choosing cosmetics for wavy and curly hair.

Choosing the right product for curly hair

With gentle care, curly hair (even at home) will become lush, smooth and beautiful. The main thing is to replenish the shelf in the bathroom with the correct products.


Ideally, the shampoo bottle should be marked "for curly / wavy" hair. If you can't find one, cross off the shampoos that promise extra volume from the shopping list. They destroy the very structure of the curls: they cover the hair with a film, weigh down or raise the scales of the hair and, thereby, provoke dehydration. Instead, look for natural oils, plant extracts, ceramides, proteins, and keratin in your shampoo.


For curly hair, this is must have! It will help close the hair scales (especially if you wash your hair with cool water) and make the curls more manageable when styling.


Masks are useful for curly hair as they nourish and regenerate, and that is needed to the entire length of the curly hair. This is especially important for the ends, which often suffer from increased dryness and breakage. It is better to apply masks 2 times a week, and it is advisable to cover them with a cap and a towel for 20-30 minutes - this will increase the effectiveness.


This remedy usually contains healing components in a concentrated form: only benefits! Working on the hair roots, such components stimulate metabolic processes, accelerate growth, provide the scalp with oxygen and provide curls with smoothness and shine. By the way, the effect of the serum can be not only moisturizing and healing, but also styling (especially if it is an indelible agent).

Spray conditioner

Ideally the spray conditioner should be with a thermal protection. It will protect your hair from drying out when using a hair dryer or long walks in the open sun. Another plus - it will help to cope with fluff and a tendency of electrifying.

Natural Oils

Split ends are more noticeable on curly hair, so they can be supplemented with oils: for example, shea, coconut, almond, macadamia, jojoba, etc.

Regular visits to a hairdresser are an important for solving the problem of caring for curly hair. Experts will tame naughty curls, and you will need only to maintain the result at home.

20 Mar 2021
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