Beauty blog: Disinfection of hairdressing tools: how to carry it out

Disinfection of hairdressing tools: how to carry it out

According to the requirements, the premises and equipment used in hairdressing must be kept clean and disinfected. Prophylactic disinfection reduces microbial contamination of surfaces, furniture, equipment, hairdressing tools and work clothes. It is necessary to acquire effective disinfectants and implement them correctly. In our new article, we are writing how to properly handle hairdressing tools.

Disinfection and sterilization methods

The most reliable method of disinfection is sterilization, which involves heat treatment, but it is not mandatory for the entire list of instruments. Sterilization requires special equipment (for example, a special device for a dry sterilisation), which works according to the heat treatment method. Devices that contact the skin and can damage it are subject to mandatory sterilization.

Also, there is a chemical sterilization- cleaning and disinfection with special chemical compounds that exclude any pathogenic flora. Chemicals sterilize without high temperatures.

Chemical treatment of equipment that does not need sterilization is carried out using disinfectant solutions with a complex effect. Such compositions are used for:

Destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses;

Prevent the growth of microorganisms;

Destroy spores and waste products of microorganisms.

Sterilizing equipment and high-quality chemical disinfectants used both, independently and during procedures (for example, during an ultrasonic cleaning), and are a must-have items for hairdressers. This is a guarantee of the health and safety.


Mechanical cleaning, chemical disinfection of hairdressing instruments are recommended after / before each customer. Each master should have at least two sets of accessories to provide time for antiseptic processing.


Mechanical cleaning means removing hair and dust with a brush or rinsing in running water. The next step is to treat the instrument with special solutions (chemical disinfection). In this case, it is possible to completely immerse the tool in the disinfectant composition, or by spraying it. The choice of method depends on the instrument itself and the characteristics of the disinfectant.

08 Nov 2020
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