Beauty blog: Easy ways to remove makeup

Easy ways to remove makeup

To do an evening makeup can be tricky, but removing it sometimes can be even more difficult. In this article, we are writing how to get rid of waterproof cosmetics without ruining your skin.

What are waterproof cosmetics?

Waterproof cosmetics are resistant to moisture produced by the human body.

Water repellent or waterproof cosmetics repel water from the outside. Waterproof mascara can be found in almost every cosmetic bag - this is the most popular product in this category.

Long-lasting cosmetics contains several pigments. Long-lasting effect is achieved due to the amount of pigments and silicone oils. The main difference between long-lasting and waterproof cosmetics is the brightness of the components.


How to remove long-lasting makeup

Alike dissolves alike, as you know from chemistry course. For example, if you need to remove cosmetics with silicone components, you need to use a remedy with identical components.


Oils are used in removal of all types of makeup, so oil-based products such as hydrophilic oils (products made from oils and emulsifiers that turn into milky on contact with water) and two-phase products will do the trick with waterproof and long-lasting makeup. They allow to remove makeup quickly - they simply dissolve the waterproof barrier and easily "glide" over the face without traumatising the skin.

Micellar water

It doesn’t contain oils and silicone, but there are micelles - microscopic compounds that form surfactants when concentrated. They have several pros: weaken the effect of irritating ingredients, deactivate harmful substances and remove small particles of dirt. They literally "attract" dirt like a magnet. Although, in this case, the skin needs to be rubbed, and if you do this often, irritation can happen. It is recommended to rinse off the micellar water after removing the makeup.

Cleansing milk

Its delicate texture is perfect for a gentle eye makeup removing, which is good for a very thin skin of eyelids. The cleansing milk should be applied directly to the face (with your hands, not with a cotton pad!), then to be removed with a cotton pad, and wash with water after. Most likely, the milk will not remove all the cosmetics, but it is guaranteed that it won’t cause dryness of the skin.


Exfoliants are used for a deeper cleansing. When interacting with water, they turn into a delicate foam. Peeling pastes can also be a good choice. They not only remove cosmetics and impurities, but also remove keratinizes dermis. Since this is a bit aggressive method, so you should not use it more often than twice a week. Also, it is not suitable for removing makeup from the eyelids and l

10 Nov 2020
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