Beauty blog: Eyelash extension: Aftercare

Eyelash extension: Aftercare

You can extend life of extended eyelashes if you take proper care of them:

On the day of extension, do not wash them, do not swim, or go to the pool. This is necessary for the final polymerization of the adhesive.

It is better not to use mascara. If you really need to, do not use waterproof mascara. You need to choose a water-based mascara.

For makeup remover, it is worth using water-based products.

You shouldn’t rub your eyes, touch them carefully and sleep so they won’t touch a pillow. In other words - contact with eyelashes should be minimized.

Will the extension harm your natural eyelashes?

Eyelash extension is not harmful if:

High-quality materials for professional extension are used.

Trusted and experienced master performs it.

The false eyelashes won’t overload your own.

Removing of eyelashes will be performed using a professional remover - a special solvent for the glue.

You will take care of eyelids: make vitamin masks, etc.

Possible Side Effects

Possible side effects could include:

 Allergy on glue or wool hairs.

Conjunctivitis (if glue gets on the mucous membrane of the upper eyelid, if the eyelash extension technique is not followed, if they are fastened in the wrong position).

Increased loss of eyelashes (when wearing heavy eyelashes for a long time, but they are designed to be worn for 1-2 days).

Breaking off the tips of the eyelashes (with careless attachment of artificial hairs - in case of inexperience of the master).

Removal of eyelash extensions on your own (when removing them at home without using a suitable remover).

Restoration of eyelashes after extension

If you need to remove the eyelashes, you may find out that your natural eyelashes may be thinner and shorter than before the extension. It can happen because these are new hairs that grow back after the loss of the previous ones. It is possible to enhance the growth of eyelashes. This could be done by:

Vitamin replenishment: after make-up remover in the evening, apply an oil solution of a mixture of vitamins A and E to clean eyelashes, removing the excess with a cotton pad.

It is possible to prepare an oil solution from castor oil mixed with 1-2 capsules of A and E vitamins - but then it is important to avoid getting the oil mixture in the eyes.

The oil solution can be used as a mask for eyelids and eyelashes 1-2 times a week. To do this, warm the oil to body temperature and apply a thin layer on a cotton swab, and then on the eyelids for 40 minutes.

Use aloe juice for masks. In equal proportions, mix aloe juice, burdock oil and castor oil, and add 3 drops of vitamin E. This mixture is applied to clean eyelid skin for 30 minutes. You can do this mask 1-2 times a week.

Massage of the eyelids. With light, delicate movements, you can massage the eyelids: the lower one from the outer corner to the inner corner, and the upper one in the opposite direction. It is best to combine the massage with an eyelid mask - this way the skin will receive more nutrients. When massaging, you need to ensure that there is no tension on the skin - this can lead to the appearance of wrinkles or their increase.

Herbal infusion for eyelash loss. Mix chamomile, thyme, calendula and sage - 1 teaspoon each and pour boiling water. Let it brew for 1 hour. Then use cotton swab to apply remedy to the skin of the eyelids for 15 minutes.

Enrich your diet with vitamins A and E. It is good to eat fish, liver, egg yolks, any nuts, seeds, flax seeds, sweet potatoes, red vegetables and fruits (carrots, tomatoes, beetroot, paprika, pumpkin, butter squash), drink rosehip tea, add red pepper to food. Be sure to eat vegetables.


16 Nov 2020
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