CVmatograph: instruction

To create a professional and appealing portfolio and self-presentation that will increase customer's trust, you need:

1. Creating a portfolio:




After registering on, go to your profile settings by clicking a button at the upper right corner of the page. A context menu will open in front of you. Select a "Profile", then add your information.

1.1 The Portfolio section can be found by clicking on the "Portfolio" icon.

1.2 To add photos of your work, click on the "Add" button, then upload photos.

1.3 Add following:

2. Your services and prices:




2.1 To go to the services section, click on the "Services" icon. You can find it in the context menu by clicking on the upper right button of the page (similar to step 1).

2.2 To add your service, click on the "Add" button.

2.3 Enter information about the service you provide. Give it a title, indicate the price and its type (i.e. fixed, individual, approximate), state how long you provide this type of service has (optional).
At the bottom field describe your services. It will help customers to get to know better what you can provide. Do not forget to click on the "Add" button, to save all you have entered.

3. Adding a profile photo:

3.1 Go back to the context menu and click at the "Profile" button.

3.2 At the bottom of the page there is a "Change photo" button. Click on it to add the profile photo.

3.3 Select a photo located on your device that you want to use as your profile photo. Scaling can be done by moving a slider to the right / left side.

4. Stating a postcode (optional), to let customers know your geographical location:

4.1 In the "Profile" section enter your postcode.

5. Adding a phone number:

Add your phone number if you want to receive text message notifications.

6. Adding languages that you speak:

6.1 To add a language, click at the "Add" button that is opposite the "Languages" section in your profile.

6.2 After that select the language and a level of your proficiency.

7. Adding experience:

7.1 To attract attention of customers and gain their trust, add information about your experience. Click at an "Add another experience" icon.

7.2 Add descritpion of your experience. Select an experience category and your qualification. You can enter a name of a company where you received this experience, duration of work, trainings details. In the bottom field enter the information you think is important in demonstrating your achievements, showing professionalism acquired through your experience. Don't forget to save your changes! To do this click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

8. Personal Information

It is up to you if you want to add personal information. If you do, describe briefly what you enjoy doing in relation to your job. Think what information about you can be interesting to customers.

9. Profile preview

9.1 After adding all the information from the steps above, click on the "Preview" button, that is located in the profile menu.

9.2 You will see how your profile will look, how the potential customers will see it. Check if all the information is correct, and, if necessary, make an appropriate changes.